Push Notifications keep turning off

At app setting it only gave me option to clear cache which I did. The back button just takes me back to my account page. Doesn’t show anything being saved. No I don’t share my cameras. I will keep you posted if that worked in the next day or 2, unless you have anything else. Thanks

Make sure there aren’t any rules running that would turn off notifications. Inadvertent clicks on a shortcut rule can do that. Also, the bell in the upper right of the home screen is a shortcut toggle for that global app notification toggle. That can also get inadvertantly pressed.

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I cleared the cache yesterday and was hopeful? This morning push notifications are off again. I didn’t think I had set any rules, but did have don’t alert while sleeping. I deleted it so we shall see. I never knew that about the little bell at top but it seemed fine. I will give it 24 hr and let you know.

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With your next update, please also include the app version you are using.

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Having the same issue for about the same period of time.
No rules impacting anything
App version: 2.37.0 (12)
Camera(s): V3
Camera firmware:


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Ok, so today the push notification seems to be fine and is still on. I think clearing the cache must have done it hopefully. Do you need anything more from me?

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Nope. Only if it does it on a consistent basis that can be accurately reproduced. Then the app version is important.

Glad it is working! Good :crossed_fingers: luck!

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I’ve cleared cache on every device multiple times, no joy.
Are there any other suggestions?

if you have verified that there is nothing else that can be shutting off the notification toggle, the only other thing to try is to unassign the cams from their CamPlus license, close the app, power cycle the cams, open the app and reassign CamPlus.

I do not receive push notifications either!!!

If you are getting event videos within the events tab, but not getting notified of those events, there are some steps you can take to try and get them working again:

  1. Verify your notifications are toggled on in Account → Notifications → Push Notifications (bell :bell: on home page will toggle this setting)
  2. Verify Notifications is turned on for each cam in the cam settings :gear:.
  3. Clear the cache in Account → App Settings
  4. Unassign the cam from CamPlus if assigned
  5. Close the app
  6. Full power cycle (unplug for 30+ sec) the cam.
  7. Open the app and reassign cam to CamPlus
  8. Verify all notification settings again.
  9. Test.

If you are not getting event videos at all in the Events tab. Verify that Event Recording is turned on in the cam settings :gear: and perform steps 3-9

If the problem persists, contact Customer Support and submit a Service Ticket:

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And check your Do Not Disturb (DND) settings in either iOS or Android. If on, either turn off or add a DND exception for the Wyze app.


I have no caches to clear on iOS. :smirk:

Thank you, your always helpful.

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It seems the latest app update, for me devices updated yesterday, has fixed the problem. (At least for now)
I appreciated those that commented with tips to fix. Unfortunately, those suggestions didn’t fix the issue for me.

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This is within the Wyze app.

Account Tab → App Settings → Cache Size - “Clear”

It has become a go-to troubleshooting fallback. Since all account cam settings come from the cloud and app settings are stored in the cache, it has become the quickest way to force a refresh in the app from the current server settings.

Hi SlabSlayer,

Thank you for all your help!

Let me try and see something, I maybe am missing here.

goes for iOS iPhone also?

Yes. The cache clearing procedure should be in the same place within the app on both operating systems.