Purple Haze on right side - Is there any hope?

I bought three V2 cameras back in Nov 2019 (also bought two V3’s recently). All three V2’s have been operating continuously since then. Love the cameras, Two of V2’s work fine, but one has recently shown a purple cast on the right half of the image.


Is there any hope of restoring the image, or is it just round file material?


The prince effect, ha ha

I had one camera that had that. It was so long ago I forgot what I did. Maybe I simply replaced it.

Edit - check to see if there’s a magnet close to that camera - speaker, etc.

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Several reports on same issue.
Stuck or degraded IR filter.

Call Customer Service if you are in US.
Outsiders will have to open it up to fix themsrlves

Other than the built-in magnet base, there’s no other “force” acting upon it. It was stationary, then one day, it just started it’s purple case. Interestingly, the cast is diagonal, and not a sharp line. I thought that it was something on the lens, but nothing seen. :face_with_head_bandage:

Ok, I’ll do that.

I think I heard you may be able to get the IR filter unstuck by using a magnet on the side of the camera.


Purple Haze…LOL