Purple Haze in cam


Anyone know what’s causing the pinkish purple Haze on my cam? Thanks.

I too have been seeing the same thing on my v2 camera for about a month now. Any advice?

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Usually it’s the IR filter being stuck. Sometimes you can whack it and it will move out of the way.

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The purple on the main part of the image is caused by a stuck IR filter, but the purple grainy/pixelated part on the bottom is a sign of a failing image sensor. It will progressively get worse and cover more of the image, but I’ve not had any of mine fail completely yet.

For the stuck IR filter, you can whack it as customer said, or swipe a powerful magnet across the camera lens to pull it back manually. Just tested with one of mine, and placing a magnet on the top of the camera retracts the IR filter (gets rid of the purple) and placing it on the right side of the camera with it facing you extends it (makes the image purple). The magnet will only work one way, so if placing a magnet on top of the camera doesn’t fix it, flip the magnet around. When the magnet is in the right place, you will hear an audible click, then you can remove the magnet.


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Thanks. I tried the magnet trick and it made everything intensely purple when on but never got rid of it completely. Possibly not retracting all the way? I also cleaned the outer lens and whacked it a few times. I might switch it out with another one but no I guess can’t expect much more being outside but under roof fora couple years

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I put a V2 under my awning in the back yard and within a month I got the purple haze too. I assumed the cam had gone bad so I put another V2 in the same spot. Same result. Like your pic, the haze appears in the bright spot of a high contrast image - for you, the road; for me, the sky.

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