Purple Flickering - Wyze Cam 2

I have a Wyze Cam 2, and it is flickering a lot particularly purple. View a video of this happening here - Wyze Camera Issue on Vimeo.

I have the camera mounted under my porch , it is under a tin roof (see attached), so I’m guessing that could be interfering with the video? It works perfectly inside my house.

Has anyone had this before? How did they fix the issue?


I had a similar “filter” problem. Bring the camera inside and start a support ticket immediately.
They shipped me a replacement one day after I sent them a support request and a picture.


My daughter has one that is screwed up like that , purple all the time in day mode, I couldn’t fix it

Thanks for the replies. I have identified my issue as been the length of the USB power cord. I had a 65ft USB extension cable plugged into a 26ft cable, so the total length was 91ft. Once I replaced the 25ft with the supplied cable from Wyze, then there were no issues.

Does anyone know the maximum length that a Wyze cam can be extended?