Provide the ability to restart both the Wyze Cam Outdoor Cam and Base Station via the app

Please add the ability to restart the Base Station from the Wyze App. When you are away, it would be helpful to have the ability restart it if you are having trouble viewing a camera. Thank you.

[Mod Edit]: 13AUG2022 - Title and tags modified to be more inclusive and to enhance search clarity. This wishlist topic covers the ability to restart both the Wyze Cam Outdoor Cam and Base Station via the app.

Not a bad idea. While you are waiting, another method is to put the Base on a smart Plug. I have most all my cameras on smart Plugs in case of emergency while I’m away. Guess I need to add one to my Base now too! :slight_smile:


I have added a wyze plug to my Eufy base and my Arlo base but have yet to do so on the wyze base, probably should huh :slightly_smiling_face:


I would like to see remote reboot of the base station which my former camera vendor Arlo supports.

When my outdoor cameras with Camplus subscription were not able to detect objects and I was not able to get authenticated to see live events, I had to drive to get into my house to reboot the base station. Rebooting the base station restores cam outdoor features.

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Remote restart for base station.

I have three outdoor cameras connected to my base station. Every few weeks, my bese, for some reason, is going offline. The only way to restart the base is manually unplugged it from the power. It is easy while I’m home, but if I’m out, I can’t do anything to get my cameras back online;(
I believe if the base station had a remote restart, that would solve my problem!


Base station remote reboot

I have no problem resetting the base station when I am home and can unplug it. My problem is if I’m away on vacation for three weeks and the base station loses connection there’s no way to reboot it without physically being there. If I lose connection several days after I leave for vacation then I’m left weeks without coverage with my three outdoor cameras. This seems to be a MAJOR flaw in your system which you should fix immediately. I’m sure I’m not the only one who relies on security camera coverage while away for extended periods of time.

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I have the same problem. I just installed a Wyze Plug to be able to turn it on/off remotely.

Same issue here, but now I AM HAVING TO REBOOT 3 TO 4 TIMES A WEEK.
Is this issue resolved yet?

Restart Wyze Outdoor Camera v2 within App

I want the ability to restart Wyze outdoor cameras (v2 & v1) from within the application (as with the normal cameras).

The WOCs are often placed in inaccessible locations (with solar panels) making it difficult to manually restart them.

The WOC v1 appears to charge appropriately from solar panel.
The WOC v2 I have does not (it charges very slowly / not at all). This might be power consumption while charging preventing net gain. I have an EE background so spare me any recommendations.

It does appear to charge correctly after restarting (one time) for some length of time (>+20% charge in one day). I want to test this theory.
Restarting it as part of a camera group does not appear to work (or do anything for that matter as the camera is immediately live view accessible).
So I want some other way to restart it.


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Remote start for outdoor v2 cameras

Bump. Please add this feature, Wyze. My bet is that you’ll have to release a new model, and we’re SOL. Prove me wrong?

could be as simple as a firmware upgrade

Ideally. I’m just trying to neg the devs to provoke action :grin:

+1… would like an option to reboot a WCO camera. I already have base station on a smart plug

I have the same issue, constantly having to restart the base station, which is impossible when away from home. The temporary fix using a Wyze plug is a good one (thanks), so I’ll try that (when I get home in a few weeks). In the meantime I hope they are working on the remote reboot for the base station and outdoor camera.

II like the cameras. However, I need to be able to reset my base station and more importantly. The Wyze Cam outdoor remotely through my iPhone. My camera is experiencing live feed issues. the screen keeps displaying old footage.

Connect the base station to a smart outlet that you can turn off and on remotely

The base station is fine. It’s the Outdoor came that is not operating well. I’ll have to either, let the battery run out or reinstall it. But there should be a restart feature for the app.

Do not delete the battery powered WCO from the app if it shows off line. it will be bricked. Just bring it in close to the router, turn the cam off with the switch on the back then turn back on.

Just try to unplug the base station and it will reboot and the cameras too