Outdoor Cameras need restarting often and stop detecting every couple days

I’m having a few issues with my Outdoor cameras that I was hoping to gain some insight from those that have had them longer than I. I have 4 set up and they seem to not detect people every couple days and on occasion I can’t even remote in to see the footage from them.

I have been able to resurrect their ability to work by taking them down and powering down both the cameras and the base station and then they work for a bit. It does take a few restarts to get them to work sometimes. I am just hoping there was an easier solution.

Hopefully Wyze adds a restart option from the app like the wired cameras have so that I don’t have to keep taking them all down.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

-Paulie B.


Hi I had the same issue on Outdoor Camera. its like i have to take it down and turn off/on. wait for the blue light and put it back. thank you

Is your base connected via ethernet or Wi-Fi? I’ve been using the same 4 cams since October 2020. About every 3-4 months the base goes off line for reasons unknown so I restart it using a smart plug to power off and back on again. Two of the cams come back on line instantly, the other two sometimes take 7-8 minutes but they do come back and I don’t have to drag out the ladder. Check your signal to the cams from the base.

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i restarted the base multiple times. i have steady wifi signal. Next time i will try using network cable but its going to be too far from the camera.

I have made it work by doing the same as you Antonius. I just hooked the base station into a wyze smart plug and turn it on and off until the cameras decide to work. I have also found out that they seem to have a glitch that shows them as offline but if you access an old recording and then from there click the livestream button and somehow it jumpstarts the cameras into picking up their own existence.

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now it seems stopped again. i think my base have defect on connecting wifi. the wifi router is serving other devices without any issues. i am not sure the wifi antenna is not good.

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