Base Station bricked

So the base station for my outdoor cam bricked with the firmware issues that seems to be common: solid yellow LED, no connection to network, camera offline. Power cycles and attempting to use the reset button don’t work.

I contacted support and they said that the cam/base station is past warranty, have a nice day. Which kind of irks me. It bricked because of Wyze themselves, not due to anything else,

Does anyone know of any hacks or things I can do to try to resurrect it? They don’t have firmware online anymore, so does someone have an older working firmware they can share? Third-party firmware? Other ideas?

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Sorry to hear your WCO base is not working. Do you have a ticket number from support that you could share please.

Wyze Ticket 2064003

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Can’t you rollback the firmware, similar to how you can rollback the camera firmware? Download a previous version of the firmware, put it on a freshly formatted sd card, and power cycle the base station while holding down the button on base station ?

WYZE removed the ability to download any versions of the base firmware from the release notes. Files for the cameras are still there.


Omg u wrote my forum. But mine went out of warranty while waiting for them and dealing with them for 7 months. Pissed

What does this matter? I have 5 tickets. They don’t do a damn bit of good.

Sorry to hear of the experience you have had @rhondaspobox ,

I have asked for the OP’s ticket number in attempts to assist in their support needs.

While I do not work for Wyze, I am a community volunteer that can provide some additional assistance to Wyze forum members.

If you would like to provide me with your details and support ticket numbers, I would like to do my best to assist you as well.

Thank You

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