Provide Noonlight monitoring of Wyze HMS Leak Sensors

Wish Wyze would allow the leak sensors to be monitored by Noonlight.

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[Mod Note]: Monitoring of leak sensors now appears in the app. To enable this, follow the instructions found at Monitoring Tab > Home Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Certificate > Learn More. This request is now marked as launched.

Why? NoonLight only summons the police.

My concern is flood. Noonlight notifies the user first before calling police. In this case, I would not want the police or fire called unless the user wanted it. In most cases a flood develops more slowly than a fire giving more time to alert neighbors, relatives or the homeowner to get there (assuming they are within 30- 40 minutes). Noonlight’s only role in this case would be to make sure the user or someone on the shared list got the message.

A shared list would be important for when the user did not have internet or cellular available such as on a cruse or other dead zone areas.

A valid request. You could post in the Wishlist Forum.

If Wyze ever made a smoke detector I could see a noonlight notification in a fire event being of value as well.

I know I would have loved to have had a leak notification (which was a flood) from my former Home Monitoring system. Or for the leak detector to have even worked.

I believe this feature has been added now. Please check the settings in the Monitoring tab.

Monitoring Tab → Home Monitoring Settings → Monitoring Certificate → Learn More (to see the above screenshot in the app)


My submit log copy button might have been the launched wishlist request with the least comments, but this is probably one with the least votes.

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