Programmers? If you know any, please have them apply

I am presuming that Wyze needs a lot of additional programmers for the devices and for the UI.

If you know of any of your friends that are programmers and need a job with downsizing in progress in some of the big companies, please have them contact Wyze soon.

I expect much of the Wyze roadmap of products in progress, have a space on the whiteboard for more programmers.

FWIW, here is Wyze’s official job application page:

Sample of Teams at Wyze:

  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Operations
  • Software - Cloud
  • Software - Platform
  • Software - Firmware
  • Software - Mobile Development
  • Software - Infrastructure
  • Software - QA
  • Data Engineering
  • Information Systems/Security
  • Product Management
  • Product Services
  • Product Platform
  • Product Design (Digital)
  • Product Hardware
  • People - HR/TA
  • Retention & Acquisition

Thanks for sharing this.
As customers of Wyze, let’s try to help them get more great staff!!! . This is much better than complaining. :slightly_smiling_face: if you know people who might be interested, let them know.

Maybe some of the Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla, FedEx, Amazon programmers who were laid off, or who left might be interested.