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Welcome to Wyze!

We are excited you are interested in a career opportunity with us.

Here is the link to our active opportunities page:

It’s okay if you don’t see an opening aligned with your experience in our career portal. There could be an opportunity in the future!

Please send your resume to our recruiting team at

Here’s what our typical interview process looks like:

· 1st interview with our recruiter, by phone

· 2nd interview with one of our founders, by phone

· 3rd interview step is usually an in-person interview in our office (usually scheduled about two hours)

Thank you again for your interest in a future with Wyze!

For third party services surrounding recruitment and career advertisement, we are currently managing all of our career opportunities in house.

For more information, please feel free to contact Karen Neth at

Whenever you need a European reseller just let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks, lars.kreissl! Please send an email detailing your proposal to . We’ll put it in the archive for consideration if we ever hit that point! :slight_smile:



You should hire me part time to fix the Forum section on your site. Many issues I can see just by looking. and private details that are out in the open if you know where to look.

I also know the software you are using the the shopping cart.

Hey Wyze, I’m an iOS software engineer and I’m super impressed with your app. But I think there’s a lot I could do to help make it even better.

I think the best opportunity would be to improve push notifications. In iOS for example, you could send images as an attachment on a push notification so that when motion is detected, the notification includes the image

I live in the Bay Area but I’d love to see if there’s any opportunities here.