Wyze Career Day - 10/24/20

On Saturday, October 24th, we’re holding a career day to share information and answer questions about working at Wyze.

Right now, we have over 30 open positions. Could we continue poaching engineers from Amazon and Microsoft right here in our hometown of Seattle? Sure. But we’d prefer to bring in passionate Wyze users looking for a change and turn them into passionate Wyze employees ready to change the future of connected technology.

If you’re interested, please RSVP!


As far as I know you guys are going out of business. Your support is non-existent. RESPOND! All of my WYZE Cams are offline and support is AWOL.

Do you have a support ticket number I can pass over to the team? Sorry to hear about the difficulty you’ve had with customer support!


Anything remote? (Im on the east coast) doesnt seem so from the listings, but doesnt hurt to ask.


This event is a YouTube live stream and can be accessed through the following URL: https://youtu.be/ihMutuZu5Wo
the RSVP is so Wyze can reach out to you about possible jobs.


Yes, but the event is to promote “over 30 open positions”

As Im on the east coast and not able to relocate (though they will subsidize that!) Its not beneficial for me to participate unless there are remote positions available.


That’s a question for @WyzeGwendolyn!

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Do you have any remote positions for digital marketing?


Welcome to the Wyze community @stralim!
take a look here:Wyze Labs
Happy job hunting! :smiley:


I know that this is something that is possible to negotiate but I’m not sure how permanently we’re offering it. I’d definitely ask the team. If you RSVP, you’ll get the list of answered questions after the event. I’d recommend tuning in for the section(s) you find more interesting. There’s a schedule. :slight_smile:


Thank you WyzeGwendolyn! Love your name. I will look for the schedule. I am open to temporary remote positions.


You’re welcome! And my parents did very well by me when giving me my name. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Career Day is kicking off in about 5 minutes!


Hi. I was thinking there would be a Zoom call or interactive forum. I don’t know if there is content other than job listings, and if so, where to find it? Thanks a ton, Terri

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Welcome to the Wyze community @WyzeGwendolyn!. This event is a YouTube live stream and can be accessed through the following URL: https://youtu.be/ihMutuZu5Wo
It’s already started but you can rewatch it!
Submit questions here: Wyze Career Day Questions

Great. I didn’t see this anywhere. Thanks!

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It was awesome, Thanks Gwendolyn! Thanks again for moderating so well.

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