Wyze Virtual Career Day is still online if you're interested!

I was one of ten lucky people who won a prize during the recent seven hour WYZE Virtual Career Day.

Although it wasn’t announced at the time, my prize ended up being a V3. I’m absolutely blown away by the awesomeness of this new camera.

But several people, in several “Caught On Wyze” posts I’ve made with the V3, have asked me how I won a V3.

One person even PM’ed me and said he had missed the WYZE Career Day and wanted to know what kinds of jobs were available.

It dawned on me to look to see if it was still online … and I found it.

And yes, I watched the entire seven hour event “Live,” and was amazed at all the different areas of Wyze. Each area is detailed in depth by the various managers and employees.

I’d love to work for Wyze … and if you missed the career day, and would like to know what kind of jobs are available, I’m posting a YouTube link I found to the seven hour event. Jump ahead past the first seven minutes … like all live events, there were some technical glitches at the beginning that were quickly ironed out.

Career Day at Wyze - YouTube

I sat there for seven hours watching it live. You don’t have to. Just watch it in segments as long as your bladder holds out, pause the video and come watch the rest later.

Hmmm, maybe I’ll be the new @WyzeGwendolyn if I’m lucky enough to get a job at Wyze. Surely I can do a better job or at least be more dedicated.

However, I think I’d probably end up being hired to be the mail person, who pushes the cart around the office, handing out mail to all the other employees.

I don’t mind starting at the bottom and working my way up to CEO.