Problems with playback

We’ve been using Wyze cams all over our emergency shelter. Worked great until about 6 months ago and on playback we get either ‘no sd card installed’ or ‘no video available for this time’ errors. If I pull the card we can view the video in VLC but very inconvenient. Rebooting does not help.

It seems to be only with the pan cams. Trading out the sd card doesn’t help. The small square ones are super dependable. I brought one of the worst offending pan cams Home and it’s been running great without any playback errors.

Could there be an issue with our WiFi that we can change?

I ssume we’re referring to the V2 here


Did you check the signal quality of the cam(s) and compare with another device, like a phone, at the same location?

Also, many routers these days have associated software that can be used to analyze signal quality of the devices on the network.