Problems with live view playback

My camera CamV2 in View live stream shows with a green band where something has triggered the camera but when you put marker in green zone after 15 seconds it says no video at this selected time. So why is the 69 second period highlighted in green is this yet another fault with the Wyze system.

It is most likely an issue with the iOS App which has been experiencing serious playback issues since the last production App update. There are many threads and posts discussing this as well as within the production app update and hotfix topics and the newest Beta topic being tested.

Any info when Wyze will send out an update for app

No info on when release will be, but it should be soon given that it is in Release Candidate testing, the final phase.

You can follow the Beta testing going on here:

My app is 2.42.3. On my iPad went to App Store clicked on Wyze to see if it would update but still on 2.42.3 so assume it’s still current and firmware says I am uptodate.

Im not an iOS user, so I’m not going to be much help w\ which updates are still active. Some may have been pulled off the shelf due to the bugs reported. Some of the other @Mavens are iOS users and can probably speak to what version is currently the most up to date and still available.

The Wyze Release Notes Update Log shows that there were some newer releases, but that is all I have to go on. I don’t see your version listed.

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Thanks for that. I did check firmware on the app and it says it’s up to date on 2.42.3.

I did click on your firmware update section.
I am no IT person but when it refers to it not designed to work as a webcam, not sure what that means all I want is to see people entering property and being able to see it on my Wyze app on my iPhone and iPad . I get the impression if I convert to webcam it will not work on app.
Regards Graeme

Wyze Cam v2 (and Pan) were not designed to be used as a webcam. This firmware is for folks who need a webcam but can’t buy one

During the pandemic with the influx of work from home and people needing webcams but the supply chain shortages wyze implemented a firmware for some cameras that allow you to use your camera as a webcam. That was only a very specific firmware for that camera, I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They put that disclaimer in there now so that people don’t think that it was an ongoing thing and will continue through future updates. That was a very specific time and a very specific firmware that you had to flash to the camera. Hope that clarifies a little bit about that articulation


Thanks for clarification
Regards Graeme


I have been having issue where even though the time line will be shaded in green where there is an event it kept saying no video selected in that time period.
Problem resolved, once you put the line in the green time zone with your finger tap the screen on the green zone where your line is and video will open. In the past years I have just put the line in the green zone and waited for 10 seconds for the video to start.