Problems with arming and disarming on keypad and app on HMS

I just set up my alarm system, but I cannot figure out why the keypad does not seem to want to arm or disarm. The batteries are fine and the keypad flashes, but nothing happens thereafter. When I try to set the mode on the app, it continually circles that it is arming or disarming but does not complete. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I’m having similar problems. I have to press the button to arm the system 2 or 3 times before it arms. And I’ve been unable to disarm the system from either of my keypads before the alarm is triggered, but I’m able to disarm the system thru the app with no problem.

I assume you are using this process: enter pin, press check mark, press home/away/disarm? I haven’t played with my keypad very much but that seems to work. You can also setup the system to only require the PIN for disarming the system.

I am. It seems the keypad isn’t waking up at the first (or even second) key press. So it’s not recording the first 1 or 2 presses so it thinks a wrong pin is being entered.

Interesting… I’m using the combo sequence of entering the mode desired, then pin number, then check mark… I have not had any issues from the three key pads doing it in that order…

Just reading the instruction guide that came with the starter kit:

Arm/Disarm through Keypad
Enter your PIN and then press the checkmark and your desired mode