Home Monitoring - Keypad does nothing in Test mode

In Test mode, the keypad will not disarm the system. Only the App will. Will this non-functionality be the same when I exit Test mode? Are there instructions that cover day to day use? (Not the the one that covers setup.)

In your starter kit box is an instruction sheet that has information on using the keypad. I just set mine up a few days ago in test mode and the keypad works to arm/disarm the system and changes between home and away. Are you set to use a PIN to change modes? You need to enter the PIN, press the check mark and then select the mode.

Is that the way you disarm the system?

It is one way…you can also arm/disarm from the app.

I no longer have HMS as it didn’t really meet my needs.

Bill does the keypad work at all without the HMS

I’m afraid it doesn’t.

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