Do I need to activate home or away mode for the system to run in Test Mode

If I am in test mode, do I have to activate either home or away mode to get the system to run?

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The only thing TEST MODE changes is that it breaks the link between you and Noonlight, the monitoring company.

The HMS should operate exactly the same in Test Mode as when not. When in Home and Away, the designated on duty sensors will still trigger the alarm siren in your hub and app, just not with Noonlight, so no police dispatch.


How do you turn the siren off when triggered in test mode?
Thanks, Mike

When in test mode, the alarm is disarmed the same way it would be when in operational mode. The keypad using your pin or the red ‘Cancel Alarm Response’ button in the Monitoring Tab of the App, then using the Noonlight on screen keypad to enter your pin. The app monitoring tab can be launched directly from the push notification received on the phone.

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