Sense keypad code issue

When I use the keypad to arm the system, I type the code in, hit “checkmark”, then hit “away”, and it doesn’t do anything. I have to do the entire cycle twice for it to start arming.

This issue also happens when I ha e set the system to Away and it is counting down and I want to stop it. I have to enter the code twice for it to stop.

Sometimes this happens when I enter my house and it starts counting down to the alarm in Away mode.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is there a fix or is this what we can expect from these poorly implemented products and services?

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I find that you first hit the mode you want, then the keypad will light up and then you enter the code followed by the check.

if you enter the PIN first then mode, it will still require you to enter the pin.


This is the sequence listed in the documentation as @spamoni4 listed: mode then pin then check mark.