Problem with activity data

Wyze Band is connected via bluetooth and is providing weather and notifications. There is no heart data since last evening. I rebooted the phone and the band, reset, removed and re-added the band and there is still no heart data on my android phone. I do see it on the band, it’s just not sending it to the phone. The band is 98% charged. What’s wrong and what can I do?

Other reports as well on post: Wyze Band App Activity Screens stopped updating

@duchan Welcome to the Wyze community!

I received this message through the Wyze app. So, It looks like there is an issue in the cloud or a bug that Wyze is currently working on.

Thanks! Mine is working now. My wife cleared the cache on Google Play Services after reading that a new malware fighting change was shutting down bluetooth for things it thought was malware, but weren’t. Don’t know if clearing the cache helped or was just a coincidence. Anyway, it’s working again.

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Glad to hear! :slightly_smiling_face: