Wyze Band App only has stopped showing weekly activity

The Wyze app on my iPhone 12 has stopped showing activity in weekly view. It still is visible on the band and also in monthly view in the app. I’ve rebooted the band multiple times and I’ve restarted my phone. Mon and Tue of this week show up in weekly view, but nothing since-except in monthly view on the app.

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yup busted for all of us

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Thanks. Good to know it’s not just me! Hopefully fixed soon.

Several threads with this topic. Seems like it’s unrelated to the Band specifically. Maybe a server issue, since missing data seems to reappear in the App. My Band hasn’t had the same daily step information ( between Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) since it was purchased in Jan 2021. Honestly, I bet I’ve submitted logs with screenshots maybe 10 times. Always a nice thank you email for submitting, but not much else. Chatted with support last week, but besides rebooting, reinstalling, and resetting little else has happened. Followed up with an email, no answer. Feel like it’s all a big Beta test for WYZE. These problems should not happen with a product this long after rollout.