Wyze Band Not Displaying History

Since they make it nearly impossible to submit a ticket, I’ll just create a forum post. Mine stopped displaying history in the app. Syncing properly, but as of last Monday, if I go to the activity “tab” nothing is displayed. I know it is syncing cause the “heart tab” still shows for everyday. Guess it’s hammer time!


Having similar issues. Month view has more history than week view. Band itself has the data just issue with sync.

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Same issue, started this week,. Band synchs 100%. No activity. Frustrating.

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Yes, mine is doing the same thing, shows my activity on the band, and will synch properly, but last activity shown is Monday, but I’ve been wearing it all week…I hope they fix this soon…

Same issue here. Last activity in the app is Monday the 22nd. Have reset the band, removed from app and added back in. Reports that sync is successful, but app does not show the data. Very frustrating.

I’m having the same problem. I did notice that the data shows up fine in Google Fit.

I also notice that while the Activity Data does not display in the weekly view, it displays fine in the monthly view.

Heart Rate data is fine.

Same issue. Day by day step data is not saved. Started early this past week.

I was having this same issue last week (my data was visible in the month view, but not in the week view). I had no data on steps, sleep, calories, or heart. I was fiddling around with it Saturday night and tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, and it synched data on Sunday, but has not synched yesterday or today again. Interestingly enough, when I scroll back to last week when it was not synching, all my data is now there!

What is going on?

Thanks for your detail. It must be a bug that wyze will have to fix. I did the same analysis steps you did.

Lots of people have this issue, I have had any workouts recorded for about 2 months now and I’ve done a band reset, app uninstall and a full phone reset, no joy

Ours started working properly again two days ago. Yay!

Mine too! And all my past data is now visible on the weekly view

So now i have a feeling this is attached to their big server updated the other day, as we saw an image of the DB processing rate, i wonder if it’s trying to catch up with us all?

Did either of you do anything different?

No, I didn’t do anything

Mine started working correctly 2 days ago too. I didn’t change anything.

I think mine started working on Sunday, and sometime around Tuesday I think all the previous data showed up.

Still no dice for me :frowning: