Pro door bell

Pro door bell i have two wires at door bell and three where the chime used to be. I can’t trouble shoot like the instructions say as i dont have the button or chime. Anyone have suggestions or what it looks like in app when it is wired


Do you know if the doorbell wiring is still connected to power?
If there is no power and you don’t have a chime to bypass, I don’t know if you will be able to use it as a wired doorbell unless you have an electrician come fix your wiring.

However, one benefit to the Video Doorbell Pro is that it also functions on battery alone. That is how I have used mine since it came out.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay an electrician to fix the doorbell wiring for you, you could always drill your own hole through the doorframe and run a new wire from an adapter like this:

Then maybe you wouldn’t need a chime or need to have an electrician check or fix your wiring. It might be best to have an electrician resolve the situation anyway, but if you don’t want to pay for that, you can just use the VDBPro on battery, or string your own wire out there like the adapter above.

I would say yes the door bell and chime did work. However Idid not take pictures of anything before taking dow im sure if i had a multimeter would help. But if i knew what it looks like in app when ot is wired that might help as well

It’s a simple two wire system that isn’t polarity sensitive. You need to hook the same two wires that are at the bell back to the transformer.

Figuring out which two wires that is out of the three is the fun part if you can’t trace them direct. If the two wires at the bell aren’t color coded, you can hook a 9v battery to the wires at the doorbell side then use a battery tester or multimeter at the transformer side to find the correct 2 wires that need to be hooked to the transformer.