Pre 2021 Wyze Plug setup failing

Same happened for me, I wasted a lot time trying to set up my Wyze Plug, until I find this forum… I downloaded and installed V2.45.0(342), after this, Wyze Plug was easy to configure… Thanks!

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For all those experiencing this issue, note that Wyze has identified the problem and is working on a fix. Look for something in the next Beta \ Production App Release.


Have the same issue. I have a bunch of the Wyze plugs that I pull out to setup holiday decorations. Very disappointed that I need to find this forum post to know what’s going on. Is there an update to when this will be resolved?

If I need to abandon Wyze and buy new devices of a more stable brand before the holidays, I’d like to know.

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Wyze Bulb V1 using app version STILL DOES NOT CONNECT! NIce try, but try again guys!

WYZE App v.2.470(373) fixes plug setup issue


2.47.0 Fixed it for me too on Android!
Both the old bulbs and plugs working now.

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My WYZE plugs have not been working for like 2 months because WYZE screwed up the APP. Terrible customer service. Need better quality control. I have many WYZE devices. Starting to think of switching to something else. One things for sure. Wont be buying another product from WYZE.

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Did you try the this update?

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I think there are also the “original” Wyze interior plugs, that I do NOT have to test with.
The two versions I have are after the original ones? Others need to chime in that have the earliest original interior plugs too.

Same issue here. Wyze tech support says that the hardware must be broken.

So App (Beta) for Android now fixed the plug, What about the Beta App for iOS? When will that be released in Beta?
Holiday decorations do not want to go back to old school and be turned on at all different times of the night. :laughing:

This was allegedly fixed in the most recent production app for IOS…


Thank you.

Unfortunately, it was not. Seems just for Android. I double checked the Release Notes for iOS and nothing in there.

I have been trying everything that has been mentioned in this post and the other one, but to no avail. I even downgraded the App (learned how to do that through this forum - thank you!).

I saw in the Android Release Notes that it said this was fixed, but this line was the only one missing from the equivalent iOS Release Notes version.


Hi @WyzeJasonJ - Any foreseeable target for the this fix being in an iOS release or even beta? I have nine plugs waiting to be used for the holidays.

One thing that works with the original bulbs is to put your phone in airplane mode, then go back and turn on WiFi on the phone and connect to the SSID that the Wyze plugs will be installed into. The data from your carrier sometimes interferes with the install.
I know this helped on Android, don’t know about IOS, but it is worth a try. Good Luck!


That was necessary for me every time I installed the V1 OG Plugs in the past as well.

I learned this was because the phones today have become too smart for their own good. It is the primary reason Wyze scrapped the low power WiFi install platform in favor of BLE in the newer plugs.

The pre-2021 plugs produce their own local Low Power WiFi signal and SSID for the phone to connect with and use to initiate the data transfer. The phone has to connect to that Plug WiFi network in order for the plug to install and initialize. But, because the WiFi network the plug is producing has no Internet connectivity, the phone immediately dismisses it out of hand because it doesn’t consider it a viable Internet network connection. When this happens, the phone will instantaneously revert back to the next available network with Internet, usually Mobile Data, thereby instantly severing the phone’s connection to the plug before any of the setup data (WiFi Network Credentials) can be transferred.

When I installed mine, I made sure GPS, BT, and WiFi were on, I temporarily suspended the 5GHz WiFi Band, and I turned off Mobile Data (I believe that may be what Airplane Mode does) to force the phone to only use the 2.4GHz band. Then, when the phone did connect to the Plug via the Plug produced WiFi signal, the phone actually told me “This Network is Not Connected to the Internet. Do you still want to use it?” Once I confirmed that I did, the install completed without any issues.


Thank you @ muerte33 and SlabSlayer for your responses and fantastic suggestion. I have done this as well, but to no avail. But SlabSlayer, you put a thought in my mind… Even though I now have a separate 2.4Ghz IoT band which I use for this setup, I want to have my phone “forget” my other two primary networks (normal and guest) which both have the 5.0 and 2.4 bands, just so that the phone does not automatically revert to either of them; basically making them not even a choice for the phone to rely upon.
I will do this after my normal work today.
Appreciate very much your helpfulness. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this did not work as well. :frowning:

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So - all working! Yay!! :smiley:

I remembered that I had an old iPad that has been off for some time. So much so, that the version of the Wyze app is: 2.38.2 (1). After charging the iPad, BINGO, not any problem setting up the old plugs. It setup so easy - as it should be.

I’ll certainly keep this version around for a while. :grin:

Thanks for your previous suggestions. It certainly all helped get to this solution.

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As of 12/7 I am still unable to add new pre 2021 plugs, but my older plugs that I setup long ago still work fine. The Wyze app hangs at “Connect Plug” screen after connecting phone to “Wyze_smartplug_apxxx”

The phone running IOS 17.1.2 with Wyze app 2.47 .0 (6)

Reverting to a previous Wyze app is not possible as TestFlight requires a developer invite.

I initially suspected a new WiFi router blocked the setup until I reverted back to the original router. Since the “unable to setup” problem persists with both WiFi routers, I am confident the setup failure is with the current Wyze app.

Does Wyze no longer support pre-2021 plugs on hardware running current IOS? If so I’ll need to switch to a different manufacturer for home automation.

The plug is still supported, it just experienced an install bug at the hands of an app update. But, it was announced that this had been fixed.

When you install, are you disabling your Mobile Data?