Can not connect to Wyze plug

I got the WYZE plugs and was so excited. My plug came in 2021 version which was supposed to connect via Bluetooth.

The problem is that I’ve never been able to connect to wifi. I’m using the 2.4hz wifi, checked and double checked the password but still received failure to connect.

I was on the help chat for over 1 hr and finally, they said that my modem had an extender attached and that’s why it couldn’t connect.

Before I send back to Amazon, has anyone had this problem and worked through it. I keep hearing that it’s a great wi-fi plug and hoping that I’m just missing something. I am working with an S20+.

try turning off mobile data.

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There are several things people do at their router that can prevent setup of IoT devices (MAC filtering, DHCP address limits, etc). This was written for the old Plug, but most of it still applies. Give it a look and see if anything applies to you:

Tried that. No go… :frowning_face:

Does anyone know if there’s any other app that will work with these plugs?

I have an android. I wonder is that part of the problem?

Sucks that didn’t work for you. I mean it could be the extender is causing issues, maybe try turning off the extender and setting up the plug in an outlet nearer your router?

I’m on android and I have 4 of the plug and I’ve never had any issues setting them up.

@dpbraswell Just want to be sure where the problem is specifically. So you’re able to pair with the plug using your phone & wyze app but cannot get the plug connected to your wireless network?

After reading great reviews, I bought the 2-pack Wyze Plug, 2021 version, to replace C for GE plugs that have been less than satisfying.

Unfortunately, I can’t get either of these Wyze plugs to connect, although they say they are pairing first.

Just spent an hour on the phone with Wyze customer support, and they weren’t able to help.

I’ve got CenturyLink 1 gig service and am using Orbi Modem and Satellite. Is it possible there is something about the Orbi setup causing an issue? I don’t have connection issues with the C for GE plugs.

6 comments up is a link I posted to some setup tips for the old non-Bluetooth Plug. See if anything there helps. The 2021 Plug is supposed to be easier.

Doesn’t sound good that support couldn’t fix you after an hour, tho!