Plug set up

I tried to set up. Followed the instructions. Still won’t setup. I have an Android phone. Says I have no internet. I do. Probably will return them. Too bad.

During setup your phone connects to the plugs via the plugs WiFi which does not have internet. You need to answer yes to the prompt to stay connected.

I don’t get the prompt. It must be my phone. If I can’t use them with this phone they are useless to me. I have 10 cameras with no problem.

I don’t really know the Android side I am iOS but I am sure someone will jump in here. @Mavins

Check this post for some helpful tips:

Some Android phones prompt you to stay connected, others don’t and you have to disable mobile data to get them to connect to the smart plugs during setup. Once setup is complete the plugs will work fine just like your cameras, it’s just a little workaround that’s necessary on some phones.

Let us know if disabling mobile data works.


I tried disabling internet that didn’t work. I had a old LG phone used it. I got the pop up. Works. Still would like to get it working with my Moto g6.

Hmm, glad you got it to work on another phone. I have a Moto G4 (Android 7.0) and I get the pop-up. What version of Android does the G6 run?

Android 9.0.

once you connect it to the plug and you get the no internet warning what do you do?

I have android and I had one plug that took longer for some reason. once you connect, just let it chill. my plug took almost 30 second ( best guess) and then it disconnected itself, connected back to my wifi and when to the “name your plug” screen.

I say this because you didnt mention it timing out or anything. so im thinking just give it more time to transfer credentials to the plug, disconnect itself and you should be set.

I don’t get the warning on iOS. And apparently not all versions of Android issue that warning either.

I have the same problem. Nothing works. It says it’s connected, but it won’t connect to the internet. I tried everything suggested. Other devices work fine and we’re eady to set up. Very disappointed. Anyone want to buy a couple doorstops?

I got mine to work with an old phone I had.

I literally own every product from Wyze and I’ve never had the problems I’ve had with these plugs. I’m Internet / tech savvy and these things are a bitch to set up! I found success by removing every single item from my Wyze and re-adding everything again and it worked. I went to add 4 more plugs later but found I could not do it again. Keep in mind I have about 12 cameras, eight bulbs, motion detectors etc. this is no easy task! You guys really need to work on this. Also your bulbs disconnect easily too. Not good! Your cameras are awesome!!

Have you contacted support? Removing every device from the Wyze app is certainly not desired behavior? Not something I have had to ever do thankfully. But you should not have to either.