Wyze Plug flashing

I have 4 cameras 2 different types work great no problem the app is easy to use so i got a plug so I can turn a lamp on or off. Compared to the setup for the camera this is not easy!
I got through all of the setup I am on my wifi network it is showing the Wyze plug in my network as connected no internet. I got back on my network brought up the wyze app and no plug. Now I do not know what to look for as I can’t find a screenshot on what it would look like on the app. You know us men we love pictures… Also the blue light is still flashing. Now I thought that maybe it was because I had it attached to a surge supressor so I forgot the network and the wyze plug and plugged it into a plain outlet went through everything again and still nothing on my app and it is still showing a blinking blue light. I even checked the devices attached to my router and it is attached to the 2.4gz side. So I am stumped.
Now to let you know how embarrassing this is I have been building PC’s for 40 years my first op system was dos 3.20 So I know computers and networks. So why is this not working?!

Shot in the dark but try disabling your phone’s mobile (3G/4G/LTE) data while setting up the plug. That made ALL the difference in letting me finish the setup on the Wyze bulbs.

I’m one of those weirdo’s that do not have it on. I only connect to free wifi that way my phone bill is only $28… I did finally get the first one to work after forgetting the network several times as far as I can tell I did not wait long enough for it to go back over to the wyze app. Then it did a firmware upgrade for the plug now it is working fine. But my second one this time patiently waiting for it to go to the wyze app after connecting to the plug connected no internet and still nothing…

nope not connecting on the second…

Ok on my phone the steps are different. After connecting to the wyze plug I have to click on the back arrow THEN bring up my apps click on Wyze app and it then takes you to the screen to finish… Dont remember seeing that in the setup or the unboxing video I found online… Thank you all maybe this will help someone else…


I have a similar problem. The plug will randomly drop off the network and go into pairing mode. Drives us crazy as the bedroom suddenly starts lighting up at night with the very annoying flashing blue light. I hard power cycle the plug to address. I can’t be certain if it’s triggered by anything but it’s pretty useless if you have to manually take steps like this all the time.

How far from your router?

Closest is 10 feet away in the next room. Asus RT-AC68U running DD-WRT. 2.4 and 5Ghz with matching SSID., The next access point is 70 feet away Linksys E2000 running DD-WRT 2.4Ghz with same matching SSID. The plug had the same issue when within 2 feet of the E2000.

I’m having the same problem. Connectivity isn’t an issue. It’s literally in the same room as my wifi router. I’m going to throw the bloody thing away if this keeps up.

There is a global Amazon outage at present that directly affects most Wyze functions.


I’ve got the same issue (i think). Outdoor plug running christmas lights. Everything was fine until the AWS outage, and it showed offline and the light was constantly blinking. I brought it inside, 5 feet away from my router, and it never showed as online. I deleted it from my device list, and factory reset (hold the power down for 5 secs), and go through the add new device process. Everything seems to go fine, however after it says finished, and lets me name the outlets, they never show up in my device manager. Any suggestions?