Power on Modem/Router during setup

Hi Again
As mentioned in another post I am doing pre-setup research prior to delivery of my Mesh routers.
Watching one of Wyze’s videos it states to basically power on the ISP Modem and Wyze Router at the same time.
I know from past experiences with my Spectrum Modem it takes up to 5 minutes (maybe more) to fully
initialize and provide services.
So knowing that some of my Wyze devices time out waiting on things now then what is the best approach to take when beginning this setup process?
Power on the Wyze router once the ISP modem is fully initialized or take a shot in the dark and plug it in just before (I think) the ISP Modem is going live? :slight_smile:
I feel like Wyze’s mentality is to allow the network from the ISP modem and the Wyze router time to get an IP from the ISP’s network but would it not otherwise?
I know I am probably asking silly questions before I have units in hand but being an IT guy I tend to think ahead :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it is really going to matter. the Wyze Router isn’t going to allow any setup if it doesn’t get an IP from the modem. Whatever way gets you thru the setup is the one that works.


Yeah, don’t overthink it. It will actually work either way. If the modem is already booted up and running, then the Mesh router setup will still work fine as it will get internet through the modem when it needs it because the modem is already up and running.

If you’re going through the Wyze router setup and the router needs internet at a particular step, but the modem isn’t ready yet, then the setup process will just tell you it didn’t have internet yet and to try again. Then you can just wait until the modem finishes initializing and it will go through fine.

I believe the Wyze setup process takes a few minutes, so it will be fine for you to reboot them both at the same time anyway. Rebooting the modem isn’t actually necessary, it is just an added bonus to make sure the modem is fresh without memory leaks or other conflicts of looking for some prior connection that could affect setup in some people’s cases when they have a modem that is not very good quality. For most people, you could skip rebooting the modem entirely and setup will still work just fine with the Wyze router.


FWIW, (what my opinion is worth), these two are spot on. And improve your chances of complete router/mesh replacement and minimizing you headaches - BE SURE to use/reuse the same WiFi SSID network name and password that you already have been using. Doing so, your devices will more likely than not, reconnect on their own. If you notice some do not, remove power and restore power. And if not even after that, simplest next step is just remove power and restore power to your root Wyze router. Change are good it will fix those last few.


Might be helpful for you to know, also. There’s nothing different between those two units in your mesh router system. Well, the serial number and the MAC address of the network interface, that is.

The one that becomes your root Router, is the one you plug into your cable modem. Either one can be the root router. And once, one of them has become that root Router, the other one becomes a subordinate “node”. We call it a node. Its not referred to as a router anymore. Unless you start all over and redo your setup to use that “node” as the root Router.

The following is more so for newbies, that some.
Pretty simple. Two adults over 16/18 years old could be the driver and the other the passenger. Or they swap up. But we still call the one behind the wheel, the driver.