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Seriously - I just paid $150. for top-of-the-line “Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro” hardwired to discover there’s no backup battery for power outages, which happen several times/year, and all I see in Support is that I have to somehow get home and somehow try to turn it on and off and see if it restarts, which completely defeats the purpose of this camera?! Nothing about power interruptions is discussed anywhere in the manuals. I see one post says to unplug camera, but it’s HARDWIRED and if I’m traveling, ha, seems like a joke!

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The Floodlight Pro has never been promoted as having a backup battery nor has the Floodlight V1 that Wyze sells. What would lead you to believe that it does? Even if it did, a power outage to your network would leave the FLP unreachable anyway.

When power is restored to the FLP it will immediately log back into the network, provided your network is also restarting and logging devices back in.

If you need to be able to power cycle the FLP remotely, there are solutions: (1) Smart Switch, (2) Smart Breaker, (3) wire the FLP to a male plug and plug it into a Smart Plug.

Do you have backup power for your Internet & WiFi?

I have V3’s mostly (over 20 cams) and built my own battery backup system that powers my Internet, WiFi, VOIP phone system and all my cameras.

Unfortunately the Flood Light Cam is 120 VAC and backing that up would be more involved as you would need something like a computer bbs to create the 120 VAC power, and since that is not low voltage I would not recommend for the average user to implement.

As far as having to reboot the camera Wyze does drop the ball there. Like Slabslayer said a smart switch could take care of the remote reboot. BUT DON’T BUY ANY WYZE SMART SWITCHES OR PLUGS AS THEY ARE JUNK. Buy another brand than wyze.

This is a link to my setup: A.C. Power Failure Battery Back-Up for 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications

Since you may be considering using a Smart Plug, I recommend this: Sonoff RFR2 Wire straight through your neutral and load. It has a RF receiver and you can add a generic 433 MHz RF remote to you off/on choices such as Alexa, App or manual (if you can reach it).

thanks - I’ve never heard of Smart Plug/Switch/Breaker, or generic RF remote, don’t know what “power cycle the FLP remotely” or even ‘FLP’ means; I don’t use Alexa, but have the Wyze app on my iPhone, so really don’t know how all this would work if the power went off (and I’m assuming nothing works when the utility power is off), but appreciate you responding. I can’t even find out from Wyze manuals if, when the power goes off, and then comes back on, will the cameras go back automatically to whatever settings I had, or will I always have to do something with the app or what - will be a major PITA if I have to drag a ladder around to all 3 cameras in the snow and fiddle with something, or if I’m out of town, I get you’re saying something can be done etc. Seems like Wyze should haved addressed power outages very specifically. The electrician is mounting them tomorrow.

also - I didn’t even think about power outages when I bought these - I figured if they were hardwired that Wyze would have something to at least ensure the cameras would automatically reset when power came back on, but it sounds like from what people are saying in these blogs that this is not true. Again, Wyze does not address this anywhere that I can find. If I were a professional home invader I’d wait for a power outage when I knew these cameras were off… While I also didn’t think about a rechargeable battery back-up for short-term outages, it would have been fairly simple for Wyze to have one on their cameras since they are hardwired, and certainly the solar-powered cameras have rechargeable batteries. I’m thinking I should return these and go back to the drawing board as power outages are not uncommon, etc.

A Smart Plug is a WiFi connected plug that you would plug into the wall and then plug your appliance into. Allows turning that appliance on and off remotely thru a phone app using the internet.

A Smart Switch is the same concept, except it replaces a Wall Switch controlling lights. Able to be turned on and off remotely thru the internet.

A Smart Breaker, same internet concept but allows you to turn off and on the power to a circuit in the Power Panel Breaker Box remotely.

RF is Radio Frequency (like what a Garage Door Opener uses). These require a Hub hooked to the internet. The device then gets its commands from the Hub via RF, not WiFi.

Power Cycle Remotely… You are not home, you log into an app, turn a Smart Device (above) off thereby cutting the power to another device, in this case the Cam, then turn on the Smart Device and restore power to the cam. You have cycled the power to the cam remotely, like flipping the switch off then on.

FLP: FloodLight Pro

Anything that isn’t on an Uninterrupted Power Supply (battery backup) would cease to work without power. I have my Home Security System, Fiber ISP ONT, and Root WiFi router on a UPS so that internet is never lost.

Yes. When power returns the devices will log back into the WiFi and connect to your Wyze Account where all your settings are stored.

They did. Every device recovers from power outages and logs back into the network so long as your ISP Modem and WiFi Router made the same considerations and they recover from power outages as well.

They do. Those who have issues with cams reconnecting after a power outage usually have WiFi Network issues they are unwilling to recognize and fix.

Which is why Cams are not a single active security solution but a perimeter first defense warning. The cams should be paired with a robust Professionally Monitored Home Security System that has power loss redundancy. The right tool for the right job.

You may want to explore the capabilities of the Wyze Battery Powered Cams that will record motion events to an SD Card.

Simple, perhaps. Cost Effective, no. Battery Backup would have more than doubled the cost.

Please post what you find in hardwired 110v Floodlight Cam’s with Battery Backup.


Again, I really appreciate your time in explaining this - very helpful and I will look into the options. I’m glad to know that the cameras should automatically reset one power comes back on but didn’t see anywhere in the literature about power interruptions.
I think I will keep these after all and I did a lot of looking for hardwired not even thinking about whether or not they had a back up battery. I probably would’ve forked out the money if I had seen one that was 110v with battery backup, but again I hadn’t even thought about it when I was looking. I prefer solar but the placement on my house for cameras doesn’t get enough sunlight. :pray:t6:

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@SlabSlayer VERY good reply and explanation. Wow. Very time consuming too to give such detail. wow.

The RF on the smart plug device I recommended is a bonus on top of app control, voice control, scheduled and triggers and manual control. I know you likely are not familiar with it, but its RF feature is not a one-and-only, its a bonus. You nailed it with the reference to GDO remote. 433 MHz is common and there’s many generic remotes.

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