Battery backup for Wyze Floodlight

I am replacing an old floodlight that is on an electric circuit controlled with a light switch. Adding a battery to keep the camera operating with the switch off would really be great.

Trying to understand why you want this? What problem are you trying to resolve? You can use the app to turn the floodlight off without need for the switch.

I can understand the request. Probably because the switch may get turned off accidentally and/or because there are other things on the switched circuit that do need to be turned off periodically.

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Sounds like a request to add battery backup capability integrated into the Wyze Floodlight for operation of the cam in a power outage or disconnect of switch power supply. Would certainly increase the price point but would be a useful feature to many. Has my vote. Good idea.

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I have other lights on the same switch circuit so leaving the switch on 247 is not ideal. Ill rewire in meantime or get a smartbulb for the other light.


Iā€™d want battery backup on the floodlight so that I can have an outdoor siren for my wyze home security when the power is out but wifi is active with my modem on UPS