Power cord adaptation

I have a cam v3 permanently mounted at camp. Wanted to use same cord to put up the newer panv3. Would like to see the newer camera to have a pigtail to plug into my existing cord, since the panv3 has an angled plug.

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You will not be able to do that with the cords that come with the cams.

The plug on the bottom of the PanV3 requires a proprietary 90° male micro USB designed to seal within the female micro USB plug well on the bottom of the cam. The cord that comes with the PanV3 terminates on the Power Supply end in a Male USB-A.

To do what you are intending, you will need to secure a 90° 6" pigtail micro USB adapter cord so that it can plug into the V3 micro USB power cord.

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Exactly what I was talking about, not knowing if such adapter cord was available

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