How to connect 5" Wyze Cam Pan v3 90 degree Micro-USB Cable to Wyze 20 foot USB extension?

The original 90 degree USB cable that came with my Cam Pan v3 was damaged and I purchased a 5 inch 90 degree USB cable on Amazon to connect with the 20 foot Wyze USB extension cable I got from Wyze (since the 90 degree cables are out of stock at Wyze). Would appreciate help on how to connect the two cables to so I can plug the adapter into a power outlet. Thanks!

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @mcmalina! :raising_hand_man:

The original cord that comes with the PanV3 terminates on the power supply end in a Male USB A plug to go into the Power Adapter.

Since you now have the short 90° Pigtail which terminates into a female microUSB, you will either need to purchase a new 20ft male microUSB to male USB-A cord or purchase a male microUSB to male USB-A adapter to join the 90° Pigtail and the 20ft Wyze USB-A extension.

Here is an example. However this can only be used indoors as it cannot fit into the weather boot on the pigtail. If you need the plug to be outdoors, you would be better off with a new microUSB extension. I have used the ones linked below on my PanV3 with no problems.