Power Adapter v2 REQUIRED for outdoor use? Pan V3

Why is the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter v2 required for outdoor use on the Pan V3? Does the standard, included USB cable not provide a weatherproof connection to the camera? Is the cable assembly itself not weather resistant (i.e. insulation)?

The power brick included with the pan v3 is not outdoor rated. If you wish to power the camera from an exterior outlet then you’ll need the appropriate outdoor power adapter.


Gotcha… In that case, I wish the Outdoor Power Adapter v2 page would say
“REQUIRED IF you are intending to power your camera from an outdoor outlet” instead of insinuating that if you want to use your camera outside, you MUST use this adapter…

I’m planning to run my cable through the exterior wall to an interior outlet.


Make sure you select the correct Outdoor Power Adapter. For the PanV3, you need the “Bundle”, not just the Power Adapter.

The “Bundle (used to be called the Outdoor Power Adapter V2) is required because it comes with a 6” “Dongle”: female microUSB on one end to plug into the Outdoor Power Adapter, and 90° male microUSB on the other to fit into the special power port well on the bottom of the PanV3.

The stand alone Power Adapter (used to be called the V1) does not come with the adapter.

Thanks Slab, but the questions is; is the outdoor adapter really necessary if I’m going to run my cable through the wall into my house and use inside power. Does the cable that comes with the camera not seal the port not handle weather well??

No, you won’t need it if you are running the cables indoors and plugging in the power adapter inside. That is what I do with all my PanV3 cams. All mine are also extended a bit of distance in the attic to where they plug into the Power Adapter.

I didn’t see your reply with that critical information until after I posted my reply from a draft. But, it will be good info for anyone else who finds the topic.

The cable that comes with the cam seals just fine in the power port on the bottom of the cam. In fact, it is a proprietary rubberized plug that has an o-ring inside the well so that it seals and maintains it’s weather resistant rating. Since you have 6ft on that cord, it will be easy to get it inside without any concerns.