Possible to integrate wyze home monitoring with other brand cameras(eufy)?

I just got an email with an offer to try the home monitoring w/sense v2 for a year at a slightly discounted rate. I am curious to bite, but the main problem is that over the past few months I have largely upgraded my system to the point that I only have 1 active wyze cam left; most everything is eufy now.

If I were to set up the new home monitoring w/wyze, is it possible to integrate; so that if motion is detected/door opened, it would trigger eufy camera (s) to record?

I doubt it, but wanted to ask to be sure. I realize I would need the wyze app anyway for all the sense functionality. I just would want to try to tie it in with eufy cams…no offense to wyze but anyone who has tried both knows what I’m talking about.

Not sure about the new Home Monitoring setup yet, but you can do what you asked today. If you have a Wyze Motion or Contact sensor, you can go into the settings area by clicking the gear and select the Sensor Video option. Then simply select the camera’s you want to be triggered if motion is sensed or a door is opened.

I have used this in the past for 2 reasons:

  1. The notifications were faster from the sensors
  2. It ensured I had a recording which matched the time a sensor went off.

I have since stopped this as I am using CamPlus.

I also believe you can use IFTTT to tie in other Camera’s if you would like.

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It’s not currently an option to connect other brands of products directly to Wyze products and automations within the Wyze app/devices and I’m not sure if Wyze will do it.
@spamoni4 shared some excellent ideas on how to do something similar regarding cameras from other brands.

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