Will Wyze ever get indoor cameras to be integrated with the home monitoring system?

Can someone please explain to me if Wyze will ever get indoor cameras to be integrated with the home monitoring system? I don’t know if this is a good question or not. Thanks for all the feedback the Forum provides. Keep up the good work.

There is currently some integration… And some that is there that doesn’t work.

But, there are also many levels of integration.

For example, Wyze CamProtect is a 100% fully integrated monitored security service using only cams.

What specific features of the cams were you seeking to be integrated?

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I use HomeAssistant to achieve this functionality.

Using the Wyze Security AddOn, I am able to monitor Person Detection as a trigger for the Alarm. I use both Wyze cameras, Eufy cams, and some PTZ feeds, and HomeAssistant seamlessly integrates all to achieve a fantastic system.

It also lets me use Zigbee based sensors, so I use various types to cover aspects of home monitoring that Wyze can not.

Thanks for getting back to me. I guess what I’m asking is, can my 2 indoor cameras record an event when the alarm is triggered while we’re away? Also, what is Wyze Security Add on? Thanks

Your two indoor cams will record any event that you set them for in the Cam Settings any time they are on. This is not a function of the HMS but a function of the individual Cams. It will also depend on the subscription, if any, you have assigned to the cam.

An active alarm, an alarm countdown entry delay, arm to Home, Arm to Away, or Disarm are all events of the HMS. None of these can currently be used by the Wyze App Rules to trigger any action on any Wyze Cam or device. But, there is hope that Wyze will soon integrate the HMS mode change status into rules triggers:

The Wyze Security AddOn @alanizat mentioned is a specific “Plug In” module required to achieve certain Wyze integrations into the Third Party app\program\service “HomeAssistant” which is a Smart Home Control and Integration Platform that can pull together multiple ecosystems into one control dashboard. It is somewhat similar to the way Alexa requires the download and activation of the Wyze Skill to use Wyze devices in Alexa or the Link required by Google Home or IFTTT to do the same.

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I had looked into HomeAssitant in the past as a possible unifying platform, however the requirement at the time to be running a local server to host it was a non starter for me. Two questions…

  1. Is there any HomeAssitant solution that does not require it to run locally on a server?
  2. How are you using HomeAssistant to integrate the Cam Person Detections into the HMS Armed modes (Home\Away) to trigger an active HMS Alarm and Noonlight Alarm Response?