Is it possible to use Wyze sensor to trigger non-Wyze lights in Google Assistant?

I have light switches from other manufacturers in Google Home that I’d like to turn on when motion is detected with my Wyze camera or motion sensor.

I believe you should be able to. I know in Alexa you can do things like that. As long as the devices can see all other items and you setup routines that way within the Google Home app. I don’t have Google Home device yet, so cannot be 100% positive.

I don’t seem to see the sensors on my Google Home app. Do you ?

I don’t have Google Home so please don’t be insulted by my question. Do you need to link the Wyze account to Google Home? I know you do for Alexa.

Yes you need to link them, I guess same as Alexa.

Has anyone been able to confirm if this is possible? When I go into my Google Home app to set up a routine, I don’t see anywhere to set the starter (a.k.a. “trigger” but Google calls them starters) as “Wyze sensor detected motion” or something to that effect. In fact, the only options Google Home gives for starters are voice commands, time of day, etc. so I really don’t see the option to use anything other than those types of things as starters. This seem strange to me.