Wyze Camera v3 Trigger Google Home Routine

Is there a way to have motion detection on my Wyze Cam v3 trigger a Google Home routine? I would like to have my camera tell my Google Home it sees someone, then Google Home start playing an audio file, something like people talking or starting a radio station or something similar. Idea is to make it seem like they have woken someone up or people are in the house (when those people are 700 miles away in their other home :slight_smile: )


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I am also interested in seeing replies to your question. I have checked countless times to find a way to use my Wyze Devices for triggers within Google Home Routines. However, there aren’t any “Starters” (aka Triggers) within my Google Home App for ANY linked device, regardless the brand. That is why I use Alexa for all my cross-platform automation needs.


Any news on this topic posted 5 months ago? I see 2 starters (triggers) in Google Home Script Editor: Device.State.Online and Device.State.OnOff. Nothing regarding motion detection. Not having this starter (trigger) is a HUGHE miss I think.

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This is how I was able to get around the missing feature, but it requires using another device, such as an outlet, specifically for this purpose: Reddit - Dive into anything


Would like to see motion notifications to Google being added also…

I did a poor man’s workaround which isn’t ideal but works. I got the Wyze plugs when they were in clearance at Home Depot and have motion trigger the plug. Connected to it is an old tape recorder that is permanently on play and has 60 minutes (front and back) of people talking. The toughest part was finding a recorder that auto flipped when playing. Goodwill was my friend for that one, but if not, things wouldn’t have worked out.