Possible solution for lost person detection announcements in alexa

Ohhh wow! I felt like I was really stretching with my trigger comment above, but… My Alexa device announced that a person was detected at the camera a minute after I walked into my office

Live view not supported on this device shows again and the Person Detection option in Alexa is available again.

No setting changes, just a person walking in the door. Somehow there is a wire crossed and this is getting triggered

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Ugh, you had me going “could it be that simple”. I turned the camera toward me and danced. Person event successfully recorded in Wyze app.

Restarted Alexa app. Nope. “In order to enable this feature you may need to upgrade your Wyze plan.”

Still haven’t tried the Plus switch-out though. Thanks very much for your research on this. You seem close to deriving the secret formula.

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I don’t understand, can you please post this exact video event recording so we can try to give feedback if a different, more energetic dancing is in order? Maybe it will help. :innocent:

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Sure, here you go.

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Oh, I can definitely see why it didn’t detect you as a person. You totally did it wrong. No wonder it isn’t working for you. :slight_smile:

NO! :smile:

Too late…


Might have overwhelmed the sensor. Meanwhile I came across this older, related thread in a search:

So frustrating. I want to mount my V3s before it gets even colder.

I have this same issue, I had to reregister a v3 cam, It had a routine under CPL, I reset cam, Added back to CPL license, Remade the yard cam routine and it Refuses to activate person detection with routine trigger even with person detection turned on.

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Thanks. I keep checking periodically but mine are still unusable. :frowning:

Not related to the PD but more of an observation of issues I am seeing with Alexa. You used to be able to tether an echo dot to a Firestick and use voice commands to open the Wyze Cams via the Dot or control the Firestick via the dot without the remote.

I tried to do this with a new dot and Firestick and I keep getting “this device does not support that”

It works on the other devices I setup in the past, just not the new one. I even let it percolate. :grin:

Amazon def has some things going on, and of course the AI department has taken a hit with the layoffs.

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Ah dang it…forgot to submit it in this month’s fix it friday again! I’m going to set a bookmark for next month so I don’t forget.

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more wyze changes than alexa I believe, Before V3 pro and plan changes, never an issue, they are tightening freedom and hate I wasted money on these devices. I’ve got RTSP backed up, Got two new V3 in the box, don’t even want the aggravation of the wyze/alexa issues now.

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Well… I saw someone’s suggestion here to keep the skill disabled overnight! So I left it off most of a week! And then I tried enabling it again today!

Nothing changed. Camera still can’t be used for Alexa person announcements. Same error.

These now not-so-new V3s remain useless for me. :frowning:

Finally got this posted in fix-it-friday just for @Customer to go vote on it:


Thanks for posting it but I don’t expect much to come from it.

It’s not accurate for me, my newest activated camera and two cameras shared with me, all V3’s, have no issue with Person Detection triggers in Alexa.
My old V2 and Pan V1 cameras have PD triggers disabled but the triggers I set up two years ago work, sometimes.

Thanks for that clarification. I updated the post to reflect this.

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Thanks @carverofchoice !

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Just to update this thread for anyone who stumbles upon it in the future, or for anyone following this issue, it’s now been resolved:

Confirmed as resolved by Customer here:

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Thanks @carverofchoice.

I never had an issue with V3 cams. It was always V2.

I left a response in the Fix-It thread.

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Thanks. I put a reminder bookmark to check up on this. I want to give Jason a little bit of time to look into it & report back to the appropriate team that there appear to be lingering related issues (he does read and relay the responses to the Fix it Friday reports).

Also, if anyone else can confirm V2 Alexa PD issues with CPLite, please say so. It is helpful to be able to show them when something isn’t an isolated incident.

I’m glad things are improved, but let’s get the related stuff cleared up too. :slight_smile:

Technically none of this actually affects me since I have Cam Plus Unlimited, but I’m happy to help out anyone who is experiencing obvious bugs that need to be resolved.