Wyze Pan Cam/Alexa stopped working

Hi! We just got an Echo Show 8 and linked it successfully last night with our 2 Wyze pan cams that we have in our two boys rooms. It worked great last night and this morning, but this afternoon it stopped working. Every time I ask Alexa to show me one of their rooms, the screen just says Waiting on Wyze and then she says, I’m not quite sure what went wrong.

I spent over an hour on the phone with Amazon support without any success. We rebooted my router, did a factory reset on the echo, unlinked and then relinked the cameras multiple times. The girl finally gave up and basically told me I have a network issue. Which I don’t think I do. Internet works fine. Can view my Wyze cams on the Wyze app.

Any other suggestions??? Thanks so much!

Sorry to hear. Alexa integration can go haywire sometimes and there’s no clear reason. They are working on several issues. See thread below as an example. When you say relinked, does that mean you reinstalled the Alexa skill? Have you tried saying Alexa, Discover and then restarting the app?

Yes, I deleted the cameras from the smart home device list, disabled the Wyze skill, then enables the skill again, the two cameras show up on the discovery, but she can’t show me anything. We just got it. Should I return and get a different one? Or will the same thing happen?

I don’t know. Perhaps another user will stop by with better advice.

Ok, thank you!

My stuff stopped working today too. I have PAN, V2 and V3 cameras, Echo Show and FireTv in my house.
I did everything that you did too. I think Wyze did something bad. I am now stuck with using the unstable/unprofessionally QA’ed android app. Coincidentally, my CamPlus 14 day trial ended today. If that killed my camera/alexa, then WYZE should get better engineers and fire the marketing group. (I am also steamed about the new V3 camera dying at 20F degrees. It’s supposed to be rated at -4F. I guess they don’t test everything during manufacturing)

So frustrating! Have you found any solutions? I’m planning to call Wyze tomorrow.

I have not found a solution. I was also wondering if the camera data goes to their Chinese server and then then Amazon server gets it and feeds it to my Alexa? Just thinking out loud.,nah that would be some national security problem already found…

Haha who knows anymore!

Had this issue this morning. Seems like a simple solution, but I had forgotten that my cameras were turned off. Turned them on in the Wyze app and was able to view on Fire TV and Echo Show.

Update: Mysteriously, everything magically worked this morning. I did nothing. My hunch is there was an outage somewhere on the amazon or wyze cloud.

Mine started working too!! So strange!

Well all eight of my wyze cameras are doing the exact same thing. Fine in the wyze app, can see each one of them but alexa churns for a while, the says I’m not quite sure what went wrong. Turned them off and on, disabled and enabled in alexa, nothing works. This is a VERY bad look for Wyze. I’ll give it a week or so to straighten out then look into the hack that some people are using to bypass going to the wyze server on one camera and see if that works. Clearly this is a problem on Wyze’s end. I mean if it works in the wyze app how hard can it be to pass it off to Alexa? Truly pathetic.