Can't display camera on Alexa Devices

Just got my Wyze cam v2 and wanted to connect it with my smart TV to show the camera output. The camera is connected to my phone and has been connected to Alexa. Video goes through fine on my phone. I connected the camera to my Alexa account, but my devices are unable to display the camera output on my Alexa devices when asked.
On my smart TV, a black screen with the camera name in the bottom left appears. On my fire tablet, a screen saying “Waiting on Wyze” appears, shortly followed by Alexa saying “I’m not sure what went wrong.”
All devices are up to date, on the same wifi network, and have excellent connection.

Doesnt work with my Echo Show 8. Same for everyone else. Lasts 2 days then goes down. Check the other forums. Trying to find replacements for the Wyze cams to get something that will work. This seems to be an issue that has been going on for a while according to the complaints Ive read.

Any word on if Wyze team is working on a fix for this issue? I guess I was kinda of looking for a acknowledgement from wyze that the issue is being corrected. Of course, maybe I just missed that one.

I too am having this issue on both echo show 5 and 8 devices after it being great for a couple days.

Is this a authentication token issue?

Wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t stumbled across your post. I am getting same results as you. I didnt even see any other posts about this issue.

I checked the skills catalog to see if there was an update and saw nothing.

Guess I will contact support tomorrow and see what’s up.

I tested again this morning and my Alexa devices (Fire Sticks, Fire Cube, Echo Show Gen 1, Gen 2 and 5) all displayed for V2, V3, and Pan Cam. I could not pull up the WCO.

The video presents but goes to buffering for all devices (cameras and Amazon devices) after 9 seconds consistently, going to enter a support ticket now.

Contacted support… Engineers are looking into it.

I’ve never seen these before but found these. Not updated as of right now as the issue is being investigated, but good resources for “Known Issues”.

Service Status and Known Issues Page

Software and Firmware Known Bugs

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Lot of threads on this lately.

Thanks, I just didn’t happen to come across them as I was browsing the forums and stumbled upon this post :slight_smile:

Not a service I use constantly, but one of value for sure.

I pondered if some of these issues were credited to the Google Assistant Integration roll out, but appears as if this has been an issue off and on for awhile.

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