V2 Cams not working with Alexa Person Detection

I have 5 v2 cams for several years now. I have CPL. They have been working with my Alexa Echo Dot to notify me Person Detection. A week or so ago I had changed my wifi password. I had to re-add all my cameras. Now I cannot get but only 1 cam to work with Alexa. see attachement, one lets me pick PERSON. But all the other 4 cams get the 2nd attachement saying I may need to upgrade. I also ran across this (see the blue in attachment on how to set up cam with alexa). This was in July 2022 but I have had all my cams on alexa with CPL and it says CP???

I will not be happy if this is the case and Wyze is only allowing CPL cam on Alexa when I was just using all 5. Can anyone one help? Thanks so much.

Alexa integration seems to be hanging on by a thread. :frowning:

Multiple forum threads about issues including

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I am not sure but I think I am just using the regular Wyze app I got on my AppleApp Store. I don’t know anything about beta. All my camera titles have spaces. I did try and remove all my cameras again from Alexa and the wyze skill. restarted phone and readded them. Same thing it is only letting me add 1 camera. It is not even letting me choose the camera, nor is it the first camera I added. So not sure of the rhyme or reason for it’s camera selection. It’s really annoying just because I changed my wifi password and had to re add my camera. Is it an issue with Cam Plus Lite, or all of the services I wonder? I did do a ticket on it and heard from them a few days ago telling me to try exactly what I just said I did. But haven’t heard back from them yet. I am older and miss my notifications from my phone because I can’t set individual ringtones to individual apps because it is IOS. I had androids for years up until Nov 2022 and disappointed because now everything sounds a like. But anyway. I need my alexa to alert me due to my hearing. Or even let me choose the “1” camera to be heard at least. All because I changed my wifi passwords and had to re add each camera. Hope they can fix this.