Possible scam, queues, and payment problem

I had a question and tried the online chat. I was #10 in the queue and then #9, and then #17. Wow! I typed in a question and never heard back. Three days later I was in the queue and in countdown for ten minutes when it just tossed me out. Wow! I wrote several questions and never hear back. Today I got an email from boxbe telling me to add myself to their guest list and click on the ‘deliver message’ link.
Is this a scam or wyze?
And I never got a reply on four different tickets.
Next problem is that I signed up for monthly person detection but the monthly amount keeps being changed. I put it back and save it and when I go back the amount has changed again.
Last problem is I have a V3 with cam plus and I selected motion but it faces the street and I don’t want a record of every car that passes by, only people. Since I have person detection why is it recording all motion?

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I have had emails getting back to tickets, but nothing about a “guest list”. What is the email this is coming from?
I’d suggest calling support too.
(206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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How would a scammer know about my open wyze ticket?

Here is the exact note:

Hello tony,

Your message about “Offline Message from tony: You never got back to me on the ticket from four d” was waitlisted.

Please add yourself to my Guest List so your messages will be delivered to my Inbox. Use the link below.
Thank you,

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Was this the email that contacted you about the ticket?

and it contained part of my chat to wyze


Thanks for sharing this. You just gave me another good reason to never use chat for WYZE support. I’ll call and sit on hold before I ever use chat or email!

I sent this up the chain of command to be looked into.

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I am not familiar with every option. For my V2 I do not see a way to select what motions to only record.

In Events, you can use the options on the top to only see clips related to a Person tag. Just keep in mind, not every clip that tracks a person is tagged Person, and some clips with no persons will be tagged Person.

In general, since the move to paying for Person tagging: my V2 rarely tags Persons any more. My WCOs tag Persons for some reason. For example, a neighbor works nights. I find clips with no tags, generated by them walking by. The few times there is a Person tag, it is more often a WCO than the V2.

I do not have Cam Plus

I get a lot of scam and can smell them a mike away. This one smelled fishy too.
But it is very disturbing that they had the exact wording of my chat. There was only that one place they could have gotten that as well as my email address.
I sure hope it was wyze. If not, this is something they need to address quickly.

the actual email that was sent came from the one below.


Looks like Boxbe is a email filter/spam filter/inbox cleaner type of service. Do you use the service? Looks like Boxbe asking you (or someone) to be added to a guest list is it wanting to make that contact a priority user for whoever the user of the service is. Just what a Googles search found.

I use no service and never got this message or email from this address.

Now why didn’t I think to do a google search?

I finally got an answer on this. Turns out the support agent inadvertently used their personal email. It was not a scam.

Thanks for your patience waiting for an answer.


Thanks. The ironic thing is that he never got back to me and nobody else got back on the four tickets i opened since feb 22.
here is the typical reply i get.

We’re experiencing high support volumes, and our responses may be delayed. Hang tight, an agent will be with you as soon as possible.

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I just received the same email. It’s a little hard for me to believe it’s inadvertent if it’s still happening 11 months later. At this point, it seems like it’s borderline negligent. If my support contact information and related data is negligently being leaked to employees’ personal email accounts and third-party services that employees are using outside of work, then that makes me nervous about the security around my camera. It makes me nervous to have a Wyze cam turned on in my home anymore.

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I just received the same exact email after submitting a request to Wyze for a status update on an order I placed on 2/9/22.

Okay too much:

Please explain.

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I submitted a ticket to WYZE asking for an update on the order I placed on 2/9. I received the following email from boxbe-notifications@boxbe.com:

"Hello Joyce,

Your message about “Offline Message from Joyce: I’m looking for my order # 013887296 ordered on 2” was waitlisted.

Please add yourself to my Guest List so your messages will be delivered to my Inbox. Use the link below.

[Click here to deliver your message]

Thank you,

Hi all! I reached out to our Wizard leadership and we are auditing to make sure these Boxbe notifications are turned off. These aren’t scams but something is configured wrong for a few agents. Thanks for bringing this up! @7132timberdrive @jasonalmaturner

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