Is this company a scam?

I have a billing issue I would like addressed. I can find no way to contact a real person at Wyze. The Help Centre webpage, and the linked ‘support bot’ is useless. I’ve had a reply to a Google Play review I posted, which says to use this email address: I sent a query using this address and an autoreply came back telling me this address is ‘unmonitored’. This is also the email address listed in the developer contact section of the Google Play entry for the Wyze app. What is going on…why is there no way to correspond with a real person at this company?

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There is, off the website there is this contact page. This page lists the Support contact phone number and times that they’re open.


I have already tried the contact page. I’m in Australia, and my preferred method of correspondence is by email. There is no email contact that I can see on any of the Wyze website pages, which is very odd.

Use the Chat box and go through the process. Keep saying no that it was not helpful. Eventually you will be connected with a Live Person to Chat with. From there you will receive an email and a ticket number.

I realize your preferred method is email, but you can also go to this page and utilize the phone number at the top. There is an 844 number at the bottom, but not sure that will help as well.


I do almost all my support interactions through email. I usually initiate the support ticket by going through the support page and answering the questions there but I believe you can also initiate a support ticket by emailing the email address:

Support at Wyze dot com

At least I’ve had people tell me they started support tickets that way. Like I said, I always initiate them through the support page myself.


Thanks for the suggestions, but I still get the feeling that this company does want to provide any support.
I sent my request to the email address suggested above (support at wyze dot com), but got an instant reply that the address is ‘unmonitored’, so that is a dead end.
The advice about the support bot chat is very surprising. Nowhere on any of the Wyze pages (Help pages or otherwise) does it mention to keep saying no (many times!) before you get access to a webmail submission. This is starting to get very frustrating!

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Because Wyze outsourced their CS to an external agency, most communication with Wyze direct is highly controlled and filtered thru that agency.

When you enter the chat bot screen from Wyze Support, type “Chat with a Human” or “Chat with an Agent”, then select the “Chat with an Agent” selection.

You will be taken to the Live Chat screen where there will be someone on the other end. That chat session will produce a ticket # and an email record to which you can then reply and ask further questions, all tracked by the ticket #.