Possible Confusion with Alexa Routines

Just a heads-up about something that might turn up as a confusing issue. This probably has more impact on folks who use non-Wyze devices like plugs and bulbs, but it is a subtle way to create a hard to diagnose problem.
If you physically swap two devices, in my case two plugs, and then rename them to correspond to their new location or function, Alexa no longer will execute routines involving those devices correctly. Alexa apparently recognizes devices digitally when discovering devices, not by the name. I guess by the Mac address. So the now your previously working routine doesn’t work, you try Alexa Discover Devices, and it says no new devices. Just the same old devices. But now what Alexa turns on/off is the plug you renamed, now in the other room, but still in the Alexa device list under its old name.
So if you have a routine to turn on a plug in the living room and move that plug to the dining room, Alexa routine will turn on the dining room plug.
The fix for me is to go into Alexa Home Screen/Devices and change the name of the living room plug to the name of the room dining plug using the edit feature under the specific device. The routine then works as expected.
Confusing. You might be expecting your living room light to come on and it doesn’t, and never notice that the light in other room came on.
Mix this up with a Wyze plug and the tendency is to start suspecting the Rules.
Just FYI and FWIW. (Love acronyms)


Thanks for the heads up! I use a lot of TP-link plugs and light switches… But when you move your living room plug to the dining room, I thought you would already be renaming the plug and routine to dining room so it should work right?

I renamed it in my Gosmart but Alexa did not pick up the name change. Kept wondering why one routine didn’t work until I noticed the light in the other room was coming on. Went into Alexa devices, Edited the device name and the right plug got turned on.

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