Possibility of adding a room to the map manually

I have a room on my record but it did not get added to the main map because WRV did not finish the job.
The maps are there.
Can you add a function to edit the map from the cleaning record so that I can attach the new room to the main map without having it re-map the entire floor please?
If I can manually add a rectangle to the map and name the room, it would be nice. WRV can then edit the shape of the room as it cleans the room the next time.
I don’t want to have to remap the whole floor just to add a room, you know?

It is impossible to add a room without remapping the entire floor again.
I tried adding it by sending WRV to the zone close to the new room and tried general cleaning but it relocated itself on the map to a new room and got super confused.
It needs to be fixed right away…

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So i created a narrow path to the room i want to add and it finished cleaning. Then it stopped at nowhere because 15% battery. Then it erased the room again. It didnt ask if i wanted to save the new map. Wtf. …

Quick mapping was the perfect new addition!
It solved my problem!!
Thank you!!!