VAC - Quick Mapping

So I got the latest firmware 1.6.97 - I read some posts where folks talk about the quick mapping feature. However, I don’t see that option. If someone can point how to get the vac to do a map of the house floor plan that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

If you reset your map there should be a message about quick mapping like in this image

If you don’t see it then you might need the beta app as well

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Thanks for the information - I don’t have that feature with this firmware.

I’m on the firmware and was able to do it but I also have the beta app so you may want to try that Become a Beta Tester – Wyze

So when it indicates “draw a map”, is that manual drawing? I’d like a “quick mapping” that was the robot tooling around the edges mapping without vacuuming in the middle.

In my ideal world, mapping and cleaning would be different actions you could initiate, with a “clean while mapping” being a selectable option.

Since I’m taking a spin around Fantasy Land, it would also be nice to be able to “remap room”.

Almost everything you are talking, it current does. Just not all of it very well yet.
If you delete your current map, quick mapping is an option. Takes 10-12 minutes of fairly large floor plan.
If you delete current map and just select clean, it will clean and map at same time.
I see little value in remapping an individual room, and I don’t expect we will that that in near future. Be interested go hear why you might want this?

The problem right now is that map editing does not work so well for some people. Getting this fixed would be of significant help to many of us.

I just found the remap option, and it works even more efficiently than I had thought it would. Really, really would have liked to have mapping be the first activity rather than clean/map. Primarily because my initial clean/mapping run “completed” without entering all the rooms (I’m guessing battery low?), and so there was one room that was partially mapped and the Lou would go no further into the room, even though additional areas to vacuum were visible on the map from additional scanning.

Anyway, the latest iteration of the app has also resolved the need (at least on my phone) to have to regularly force close the app to get it to quit doing its Windows impression (blue screen).

What a difference a day makes.