Adding Rooms after mapping complete

Was wondering if there is a way to add another room after the mapping has been completed by the bot?
I closed a couple of doors while mapping was taking place so that they were not included but now I want to add one! Any suggestions??
thanks in advance

Open the door(s) and run the bot again. It’ll find it.

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Thought so, but was hoping for an easier solution. Besides that so far so good its awesome!

Well, if you want it to go find just that room, you could probably set up a virtual wall temporarily and block off most of the areas it has already done. Just make sure it has a path to the new room. After it’s done, remove the wall.

I tried this and it went into that room and turned around and went back out without creating a new room there once it was done. You can see on the map that it saw the room, but it won’t let me “select” it or create it as a room.

I have been wondering about this solution too! @garber58