Porch pirate uses trash bag for cover while stealing package

Link to ABC10 news story: https://youtube.com/watch?v=uaoMBM-k8K4


Oh. My. God.

I’m going to get a hold of this guy and send him a care package. Thanks for posting. That’s insanity.

Matt Van Swol
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This has got to be one of the most hilarious Wyze videos I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing, @dennis85!


wait a minute… do you guys see someone actually watching this occur in the doorway? Am I crazy? Isn’t that a person at the door.

@carverofchoice @spamoni do you see what I’m seeing?

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I can see why you’d think that. At first I thought that what looks like movement might be just artifact of the way the image is painting in the video, like it needed a moment to catch up after the camera movement, but then it also looks like shoes inside the screen door, so maybe it was actually the movement of an arm inside the door.

I don’t know, but it’d be interesting to see more of what the Cam Pan v3 :cam_pan_v3: actually captured. :man_shrugging:


I see what you are seeing. Odd


Reminded me of this guy from the B.C. strip:

image Grog.

Or maybe Thing from Addams Family:


‘Pat’ from Silver Linings Playbook :slight_smile:

Too glib? Maybe. This can go either way. :thinking:


Not a gonk droid?


I think a composite formed in my mind of Grog & Thing… and maybe Pigpen, too


Pat from Silver Linings was an afterthought (and I was going to sneak in Jennifer Lawrence as a supporting player but thought that too gratuitous. :slight_smile: )

I like gonk - especially the main design at the link - but I’ve never seen Star Wars. :astonished:

Heresy? I donno. I don’t like machines that much. :man_shrugging:

I am not sure. I dismissed the abnormalities as compression artifacts that were buffering from the movement of the pan/tilt, but it’s totally possible that this is staged. It just seems so weird that someone would walk that far in a trash bag. It’s definitely got to be a nearby neighbor that fears being recognized from their clothes or gait/waddle or it would’ve been sufficient to just walk up to it with the face covered. I’m guessing they witnessed the delivery and know when their neighbor works and where the camera’s at. Or it’s staged.


all staged, he will not go to police because of small value but has evidence for court if neighbours sue him for privacy violation.

Looks like a low budget version of The Blob.

I would be interested in seeing how far out he goes with the bag. I have one in my window (between screen and window. I don’t want to put screws into the woodwork) and it can see clearly for quite a distance.

I don’t think this guy would go walking down the sidewalk with a bag over himself like that w/o SOMEONE seeing it and reporting it.

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