Poor quality of playback

My v3 cameras are set in HD, and use sdcard for recording. Live view always shows a clear crisp view, but playback is extremely pixelated. What is the deal here?

I’m a “new user” so cannot upload attachments for example.

Day time videos, night time or both?

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Try download and then view the downloaded copy, it could be slow device, network or SD card.

As an aside,
“New users cannot upload ?”.

I hope, I am not categorized as such.
(Could not upload via phone app, yesterday)

I’ve been with Wyze, since the mid 2k10’s.
My 1st cam was a new V2.

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That is “New to the Forum”. New forum users are a bit restricted until their continued use of the forum and read\post count grows and their trust level is upgraded from New User to Basic User. It keeps bots and spammers from flooding the forum with inappropriate posts. After Basic User it gets increased to Member then Regular.