Cam V3 continuous recording playback not working properly

Is anyone here using continuous recording for their Wyze camera? I have two android phones and the playback doesn’t work properly in either. It plays back at half speed and it can take up to several minutes to move to the time position on the slider. In other words, I select some time on the slider it starts to play at half speed after a minute but then if I select another position it takes up to 5 minutes to get to the new position.

If I record it won’t record the right position (in other words it won’t record what it’s showing me). Take a picture doesn’t work at all.

Tested Android 6 and 9.using Wyze app v2.19.15.

Also, is there any way I can just download the footage from some timespan off the camera? It is mounted like 20 feet up so I can’t just swap out the SD card easily.

Forgot to mention: If I tap the back button to go back to the live feed it instantly turns into 8x playback and immediately does everything I was trying to do in the playback (in other words it then stops playing the video in slow motion) but then plays the video really fast and then once it exhausts the queue it goes back to showing the live stream, so it’s definitely a bug. I don’t see that anyone has reported it though, I don’t know why I’d be the only one to experience it.

I’m using Cam V3 firmware

I have eight V3 cameras (all with 64GB uSD cards installed) and have not experienced what you are seeing. I have an Android phone and a tablet - both on Android system 10 with Wyze version 2.20.3, and my cameras are running (both could be beta versions). I also have a @#$%^ iPhone 8 running iOS 14.4.2 and Wyze version 2.20.131 (although I seldom use the #$%^& iPhone for Wyze).
The only time I see an issue with time scrolling on playback is when scrolling time on the V2 cameras that have RTSP firmware. With those it usually takes 5 to 10 seconds. With the V3 cameras it’s normally only a couple seconds.

Interesting. I’m using the latest Wyze app available to me but yours is later so I guess you are using a beta version.

I also have a problem with the picture/photo button where it won’t take pictures and makes everything a little nutty in the live feed where time skips every second so it’s like 01 02 …03 04 … 04 05… etc. If I back out and then open the live stream again it goes back to normal.

Yes, I am a beta tester, but I have never seen what you are describing with any previous version.

Is your phone on the same network as your camera? Mine isn’t, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Does not matter if I am on the same network or a different one (either a different LAN at home, or off property.

I’ve seen better reaction times on a cam with a high endurance uSD card (which I would highly recommend if using CamPlus). It can still take a little time to start playing from where I scroll it to but it’s miles faster than a normal Class 10 uSD card. But I have seen many times when I hit record that it could be up to 30 seconds later when I watch the recording and I’ve missed what I wanted to see. I have learned to start the recording earlier.

I’m using Samsung EVO Select 256GB which is comparable. 100MB/s read, 90MB/s write.

Playback sucks on V3 with CamPlus and 32 gig SD card designed specifically for this type of camera, latest firmware etc. This has been going on for a while. About once a week I want to view overnight playback during a specific time frame. The delay that occurs after timeline is adjusted can be several minutes. It’s so frustrating to try to review a 30 minute section, by advancing 2 minutes at a time, it’s pretty worthless. A V2 with a different view of essentially the same area works very well. The low light capabilities of the V3 are superior but unusable in a timely manner.

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