Video playback is terrible

I started having issues viewing recorded videos a couple of years ago on my cameras. So I purchased new V3 cameras along with new SD cards and the problem still exist. In fact it’s probably even worse now.
I’m done with Wyze products because it’s plenty of competition in this market.

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Can you be more specific with “Video playback is terrible” for your V3 cams?

  • Are the problems you are experiencing with the Playback UI playing the video and navigating?

  • Or, are you referring to the digital quality and resolution of the video that is being played?

  • What video quality is set on the cam when it is recording?

  • What is the Bitrate being displayed when you are viewing the microSD Playback?

  • What firmware version is affected with this reduced quality?

Playback from SD through the App can be affected by the signal strength of the WiFi & camera. Before my Mesh network installation I had occasionally seen issues with playback from SD.

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I find it is best to pause the playback, then hit the rewind button once. This resolves the crummy playback issues for me.

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